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chickfight's Journal

Glamour Slam!
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Buffy: Come on, don't make me do the chick fight thing.
Kendra: Chick fight?
Buffy: You know. [Claws her with her nails]
-- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "What's My Line?" (part one)

Roulette: Yes that is really Wonder Woman, ladies and gentleman. It is on! Can even these four beautiful bruisers stand up to the Amazon power-house herself?
Vixen: Anybody got a plan?
Hawkgirl: Yeah, try to stay alive.
Huntress: Anybody got a good plan?
-- Justice League Unlimited, "Grudge Match"

What is this journal for?
I'm holding an all-female cage match. There have been a couple of cage match or fan fights this month (in honor of March Madness) but most of them end up dominated by men. This is where the awesome women hang out.

Why is it called "chick fight"?
It's tongue-in-cheek. Most "chick fights" involve women trying manuvures men would consider out of bounds e.g. pulling hair, scratching, etc. In this case, the women are fighting each other with awesome magical or supernatural abilities. It's a chick fight, but it's kick ass.

Who can vote? Only women?
No! Anyone with a LiveJournal can vote. But please no name-calling or nasty comments. You can debate the relative merits of the characters without being nasty.



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