March 21st, 2010

Jem - Showtime! (Jem)


Hello everyone! Thanks for voting in the nominations round. We have now narrowed the field down to 64 competitors. I'm very excited for the rest of the game.

A NOTE: Initially, I thought I would pick the winner of each of the last matches to play in the cage match. But certain fandoms had literally triple or quadruple the votes of some of the others. For that reason, I've decided to do the seeding based on the NUMBER OF VOTES RECEIVED, not the "winner." Below I've listed the players in the Alice Bracket (seed place in parentheses). An asterisk denotes someone who was a "loser" last round but nevertheless, earned enough votes to make the big dance.

Lyra (1)
Alice Cullen (2)
Minerva McGonagall (3)
Matilda Wormwood (4)
Alanna of Trebond (5)
Sophie Hatter (6)
Sabriel (7)
Rachel of Animorphs (8)
Eilowny (9) - * lost to Matilda
Astrid of Rampant(10)
Meggie Folchart (11)
Felicity Worthington (12)
Cassie of Animorphs (13) - *lost to Rachel
Annabeth Chase (14)
Hermione Granger (15) - * lost to McGonagall
Katsa of Graceling (16)

Also, remember you are voting for who you think would be the WINNER of a CAGE MATCH in this round. You are allowed to campaign in the comments, but please keep it civil!

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Jayne - You're damnaging my calm. (Firef


As with the Alice Bracket, I've used the top vote getters to create the 16 players in the Ripley bracket. They are:

Trillian (1)
Meg Murry (2)
Thursday Next (3)
Petra Arkanian(4)
Katniss Everdeen (5)
Verity Kindle (6)
Valentine Wiggin (7) - * lost to Petra
Cordelia Naismith (8)
Susannah Dean (9)
Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Greenbridge, Essex (10) - * lost to Trillian
Menolly (11)
Lady Jessica (12)
Honor Harrington (13)
Carrie White (14)
Jenny Casey (15)
Fatale (16)

Please vote for the character you think would win in a cage match!

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Willow - Depressed (Buffy)


The following characters made the cut.

Lizzie Bennet (1)
Mina Harker (2)
Pam (3)
Agnes Nutter (4)
Anita Blake (5)
Mercy Thompson (6)
Hunter (7)
Eddi McCandry (8)
Door (9) - * lost to Hunter
Alexia T. (10)
Val (11)
Toby Daye (12)
Claudia (13) * - tie with Carmilla
Carmilla (14) * - tie with Claudia
Molly Carpenter (15) - * tie with Karrin
Karrin Murphy (16) - * tie with Molly

Please vote for who you think would win in a cage match!

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Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords (ASOIAF)


The following characters made the big dance:

Morgan le Fay (1)
Eowyn (2)
Buttercup (3)
Susan Pevensie (4)
Lucy Pevensie (5) - * lost to Susan
Granny Weatherwax (6)
Elphaba (7)
Brienne of Tarth (8) - *tied with Arya Stark
Arya Stark (9) - *tied with Brienne
Polgara (10)
Phèdre nó Delaunay (11)
Katherine (12) - *lost to Buttercup
Susan Sto Helit (13)
Galadriel (14) - * lost to Eowyn
Zamira (15)
Jane Roland (16)

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